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The Childhood of Frank Leonard Ball (1896-1961)

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Dad as a baby

Dad's birth

My Dad was born in 1896 - in the reign of Queen Victoria. He was born at home, Back of 128 Holloway Head, in a poor inner-city area of Birmingham in the English Midlands.
He was the first child of Frank Ball (1867-1943) and Alice Stenson (1875-1957) and was born on December 30th 1896, almost exactly nine months after they married.

Right: Dad as a baby.

Below: Dad's original birth certificate.
Birth certificate

Dad aged 7

Dad's childhood

Although Dad's first name was Frank, he was always known as Leonard at home because his father was called Frank. He was educated at Dudley Road School in the Winson Green district of Birmingham, and then went to Boulton Road Council School in Handsworth.
Dad aged 11 These two photos, dated 1903 and 1908, show Dad aged 6 (right) with his 3 year old sister Alice, and aged 11 (left).

Dad left school at Christmas in 1910, when he was nearly 14 years old. He went on to attend Day Classes at Handsworth Art School in Birmingham. His former headmaster gave him a good reference which indicated that he had a special talent for drawing and painting.

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