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Tabernacle, Aberaeron, Cardiganshire Tabernacl

originally Calvinistic Methodist, now Welsh Presbyterian


Photography: John Ball
Date: 16 September 2005
Camera: Fuji Finepix S602 Zoom digital


Note 1: The chapel was built (by Rev William Green) in 1833 and enlarged in 1869 during the ministry of his son Rev Abel Green. [Source: Aberaeron, by W. J. Lewis, printed by The Cambrian News, Aberystwyth, Ltd. (undated)]:
Note 2: Among those who built the early Aberaeron, the most prominent was probably William Green, a native of Aberystwyth. After building the harbour pier walls he began to build houses. He was a staunch Methodist and soon after he arrived in Aberaeron he started a Sunday School at Pen y Garreg Fach farmhouse. He also held religious meetings at his storehouse. When the school near Bedlam Barracks was built he held his Sunday School there but Methodism did not flourish until the religious revival of 1818. The cause then began to grow and in 1833 Green, built the Methodist chapel, Tabernacle.
A practice which Green detested was the holding of bathing parties by country people on Aberaeron and other beaches. A report of 1806 states that:

"Natives of both sexes among the mountains are much addicted to sea bathing during the summer nights. They assemble together by blowing horns the whole way through which they travel to the shore. On reaching the shore they strip and take a promiscuous plunge without any ceremony."

Green's protests to the Court Leer led to a fine of two shillings being imposed on anyone taking part in such activity, and the practice ceased.
[Source: Farmers and Figureheads – The Port of New Quay and its Hinterland, by S. C. Passmore; published 1992 by Dyfed Cultural Services Department, Dyfed County Council; ISBN 08675-086-8:]

Below: Aberaeron Tabernacle, photographed circa 1907
Tabernacl Aberaeron
Photograph above from page 26 in The Old Photographs Series - Aberaeron and Mid Ceredigion, collected by Dyfed Cultural Service Department; published 1994 by Alan Sutton, Bath; ISBN 0-7524-0106-8

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