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Bwlch-y-Sarnau English Baptist Chapel, Bwlch-y-Sarnau, Radnorshire

Name: Bwlch-y-Sarnau English Baptist Chapel

Denomination: Baptist

Built: 1828
Rebuilt: 20th century

Note 1: The chapel was established and built in 1829, and then rebuilt or modified in the early 20th century. It is built in the Simple Perpendicular/Arts and crafts and Vernacular style, as a long-wall entry type.
[Extracted from the Coflein database (NPRN 8221)]

  Photography (chapel): Derek Savage
Date: 29 February 2004
Camera: Pentax 70-S 35 mm SLR

Photography (gravestones): John Ball
Date: 2 July 1998
Camera: Agfa ePhoto307 digital
Baptist Chapel, Bwlch-y-Sarnau

Note 2: Bwlch y Sarnau Baptist Chapel was rebuilt in the 20th century with a strong feeling of the Arts and Crafts movement. The addition of a porch has obscured the chapel's original lines. [Source: Marching to Zion - Radnorshire Chapels, by J. B. Sinclair & R. W. D. Fenn, Cadoc Books, Kington, 1990; ISBN 0-9516865-0-X]

Baptist Chapel, Bwlch-y-Sarnau
Baptist Chapel, Bwlch-y-Sarnau
Baptist Chapel, Bwlch-y-SarnauBaptist Chapel, Bwlch-y-Sarnau
Above: Two examples of the several 19th and 20th century WOZENCROFT gravestones in the chapel burial yard.

Note 3: Although the surname WOZENCROFT sounds continental, it is a variant of WOLSTONECRAFT, an English habitation name from Woolstencroft in Cheshire, so called from the Old English personal name Wulfstan plus the Old English croft, meaning paddock or smallholding. [Source: The Oxford Names Companion, by Patrick Hanks, Flavia Hodges, A. D. Mills & Adrian Room, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2002; ISBN 0-19-860561-7]

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