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St Martin's Church, Caerphilly, Glamorgan

St Martin's Church, Caerphilly

Dedication: St Martin

Denomination: Anglican

Notes: St Martin's parish was formed in 1850 from Bedwas (MON) and Eglwysilan (GLA). The original 18th-century church was rebuilt in the 1870s to a design by Charles Buckeridge (1832-1873). The church was consecrated in 1879 and enlarged in the early 20th century. The bell tower was added in 1991.

Photography (right):
John Ball
Date: 30 January 1999
Camera: Agfa ePhoto307 digital

Photography (below):
Gael Phillips
Date: April 2005
Camera: Olympus digital

St Martin's Church, Caerphilly
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