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Bethel Chapel, Swansea Road, Llangyfelach, Swansea, Glamorgan

Name: Bethel Chapel

Denomination: Calvinistic Methodist

Built: 1809
Re-built: 1846 & 1865
Enlarged: 1930

1. Chapel built 1809; rebuilt/modified 1846-7 & 1865 & enlarged 1930. Building style is Classical, gable entry type.
[Extracted from Coflein Database]
2. Hopkin Bevan (1765 - 1839), Calvinistic Methodist minister, is buried in the aisle of Bethel Chapel.
[For further details, see National Library of Wales website]

Photography: John Ball
Date: 8 April 2002
Camera: Sigma SA-300 35 mm SLR

Bethel Chapel, Llangyfelach
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