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The Life of Frank Leonard Ball (1896-1961)

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Dad WW1

Frank Leonard Ball was my Dad. The photograph (right), taken in 1916, shows him as a 19-year-old infantryman in World War 1.

He was a great Dad and he experienced a lot in his lifetime. To find out more, follow the links in the list of his experiences below:

  • He was born in 1896;
  • He was a talented artist;
  • He was a long-serving member of the Boy Scouts;
  • He saw active service in the First World War;
  • He got married in 1939;
  • He was a Special Police Constable in the Second World War;
  • He retired from work in 1958;
  • He died in 1961.
I hope you'll find lots to interest you in this pictorial history of Dad's life.

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