Bull Ring area – 1959-1966

A walk around Birmingham's old Bull Ring, before, during, and after the developments of early 1960s. Subjects include: St Martin's Church, the old Market Hall, Bull Ring Shopping Centre, Spiceal Street, Bell Street, Phillips Street, St Martin's Lane, Moat Lane, Digbeth, Edgbaston Street, Dudley Street, Manzoni Gardens. This selection consists of 30 images scanned from original 35 mm transparencies, colour prints, and monochrome prints.

The maps below, published in 1949 and 1972, show the approximate area covered by the survey and identify many of the relevant street names. The later map shows the new roadways created as part of the Bull Ring development in the early 1960s.

1949 Map

From Bartholomew's Pocket Atlas and Guide to Birmingham (1949)

1972 Map

From Geographer's Birmingham A-Z (c.1972)


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