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Descriptions of Regular Features

The alphabetical list below provides a brief description of, and a link to, each of the main features on my website. You can also use the table of short cut links direct to all features.
The dates of most recent updates are summarised on the What's New? page.

  1. Christ College Brecon – census details
    Transcripts of the 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, and 1911 censuses for Christ College School in Brecon.

  2. Glossary of Welsh Place-Name Elements
    Welsh place-names are highly descriptive, and incorporate many common elements from the Welsh language. Knowing the meaning of place-names helps us to understand the environment in which our Welsh ancestors lived.
    Check my alphabetical glossary of place-name elements. Each entry is followed by its meaning and in many cases, an example of its use and a link to a sound file demonstrating its pronunciation. New entries and examples are still being added.

  3. Images of Birmingham
    Over 200 original photographs and supporting captions, illustrating scenes recorded in Birmingham, my home town, mainly in the 1950s and '60s. The collection is organised geographically into seven 'walks' around the town plus one miscellaneous section.

  4. Images of France
    • France 2001 - An illustrated record of my visit to the Charante region of France in August 2001. The first three sections feature over fifty colour photographs plus supporting captions and text. More sections are planned when time permits.
    • Paris Visit - An illustrated record of my visit to Paris in September 2000. These webpages hold over 130 photographs of Paris, including spectacular shots from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

  5. Images of Wales
    Pages of original photographs and supporting text, illustrating various aspects of the Welsh scene: history, landscape, architecture, industry, social life, religion, and genealogy.
    • Browse the alphabetical Webpage Archive listing well over 200 Images of Wales webpages which have appeared on my website since November 1997. Individual webpages contain an average of eight images. Each list entry includes a link to the corresponding original display. The Where's that?? feature will help you identify the geographical location of the Images of Wales subjects.
    • Explore the Welsh Chapels and Churches Collection and discover the history and architecture of over 530 places of worship in Wales.

  6. Keturah's Diary
    Read Keturah Davies's fascinating account of her passage from Britain to Australia in 1860. Keturah was a 23-year-old Welsh girl who kept a detailed diary of events and observations during her 3½ month sea voyage aboard the Schah Jehan.

  7. Llangar Parish Records
    Tony Francis's database of over 670 selected entries from the Bishop's Transcripts of the parish records of Llangar, Merionethshire. This on-line chronological database contains all references to the names Robert(s), Francis, and Pryce, together with their spelling variants. Also included are a description of the parish and an explanation of date anomalies.
    Please address any questions about the database directly to Tony Francis via the link on the Llangar webpage.

  8. Maps of Wales
    Study my maps of Wales, familiarise yourself with Welsh geography, discover and learn to use maps that will show where your ancestors came from.

  9. My Family History
    Although my ancestry isn't Welsh, I hope you'll enjoy exploring my own family history pages. So far, I've included illustrated life stories of my parents and grandparents, and my next task is to work on my great grandparents' generation.

  10. News of Wales
    Check out news of the latest happenings in Wales through these direct links to BBC Wales News sites.

  11. Problem Page
    Are you having problems accessing parts of my website? From studying the daily log of visits to my website, I'm aware that a few of you sometimes experience difficulties when attempting to access some of my webpages. My Problem Page describes some typical problems, why they happen, and what you can do to solve them.

  12. Sounds of Wales
    Listen to the pronunciation of over 220 Welsh place-names.

  13. Tallis's Topographical Dictionary
    A transcription of Wales sections of the six-volume set of "Tallis's Topographical Dictionary of England and Wales", published in 1860. This priceless reference work, includes a comprehensive alphabetical gazetteer of Welsh place-names and detailed maps of each of the thirteen Welsh counties and the four English border counties, based on surveys undertaken circa 1850.

  14. Tribute to the Isle of Man
    The development of these webpages was prompted by a short visit in March 2001 to the beautiful Isle of Man where my maternal grandmother and her family originated. The first two sections feature approximately 60 colour and monochrome illustrations plus supporting captions and text. Three more sections are under development and will be uploaded when time permits.

  15. Wales of Old
    Check out the selection of pictures sent in by visitors to this website. The pictures feature old Welsh scenes and/or old photos of Welsh ancestors.

  16. Weather in Wales
    Check out the weather at my home in Brecon, mid Wales, including the latest View from my Window.  
    I normally update this page almost every day.

  17. Website News
    Here I post advance details of new developments taking place on my website, and of periods of website maintenance or downtime.

  18. Welsh Ancestor List
    Browse through an alphabetical list of over 2000 Welsh families that were being researched between 1997 and 2011, and possibly make contact with the researchers.

  19. Welsh Family History Archive
    Gateway page to all the Welsh family history resources on my website.

  20. Welsh Gravestone Inscriptions
    Look up the meanings of Welsh words and phrases commonly found on gravestones. This feature should enable you to translate most of the Welsh language monumental inscriptions you may encounter.

  21. What's New and What's Changed
    Check this handy summary to see when each feature on my website was last changed or updated. Brief details are included of the nature of each change. I normally update this page every day.

You are already on this page! Direct links to each website feature (for regulars) Advance news of new developments on my website Summary of all the latest updates Gateway to Welsh Family History Archive Help for those having problems accessing my website A link to the main 'gateway' page to my entire website