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St John's Church, Alltwen, Glamorgan

Denomination: Anglican

Dedication: St John the Baptist

Built: 1886

Note 1: The church of St John the Baptist is the daughter church of St John the Evangelist at Cilybebyll. It seats about 250 and was built in 1886 in the Victorian style.
[Source: Images of Wales Webpage Archive]
Note 2: Rebuilt in 1868. Present status [1998]: unknown
[Source: Coflein online database of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales (accessed 3 Feb 2017)]

  Photography (1 & 2): Google StreetView
Date: May 2011

Photography (3 & 4): John Ball
Date: 14 July 1998
Camera: Agfa ePhoto-307 digital compact
St John's Church
Above & below: The parish church of St John the Baptist, seen from Dyffryn Road, Alltwen.
St John's Church
St John's Church

Right: St John's Church, Alltwen, seen from the track
leading to the church from Dyffryn Road.

Note 3: St John's Church, Alltwen which is mainly in the Cilybebyll Parish of the Llandaff diocese was built in 1868 by a local landowner, Mr Moore Gwyn. There are 101 people on the electoral role with an average of 55 people attending each Sunday. The Rector, Mr Hough is also Rural Dean of Neath.
There are two church wardens—a people's warden elected by church members and a church warden chosen by the Rector—with a Parochial Council consisting of elected church members, chosen in the Easter Vestry meeting every year. Communion service, Sunday School and Evensong takes place every Sunday with baptism when needed taking place during these services. The language of worship is English with an occasional Welsh hymn. The Rector and the minister of Alltwen Chapel now exchange pulpits one Sunday each year.
[Source: Domesday Reloaded on the BBC Website (accessed 3 Feb 2017)]

St John's Church

Right: The foundation stone at St John's Church.

The inscription reads:

The chief corner stone of this church,
dedicated to St John the baptist,
was laid on June 24th 1886
by Howel Gwyn of Dyffryn

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