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St Cynog's Church, Boughrood, Radnorshire
St Cynog's Church, Boughrood
St Cynog's - northern aspect

Dedication: St Cynog

Denomination: Anglican

Rebuilt: 1854

Notes: St Cynog's church at Boughrood is a mid-19th century structure, lying just under 15 kilometres north-east of Brecon. The original spire was removed in the 1970s when it became unsafe, but it has recently (2004) been replaced by a new spire. The location, dedication and the shape of the churchyard point to an early medieval foundation here but nothing of earlier churches has been preserved and the only furnishing of an earlier date is a heavy wooden chest. St Cynog's is set in a large curvilinear churchyard close to the River Wye. There are mid to late 18th century tombstones close to the western boundary of the churchyard (see example below).
The church was entirely rebuilt in 1854 in Geometrical style by C. H. Howell and was later restored in memory of Rev Walter de Winton who lived at the vicarage for 30 years from 1851. He had 14 children, all except one of whom were born at the vicarage and baptised at St Cynog's Church.
[Source: Llyswen & Boughrood - A Visitors Guide to the Area]
18th century tombstone
In / Memory of Jenet ye wife / Of Moses Hergest who / Died Feb: 17 1757 / Aged 57 / Also Moses Hergest who / Died December the - - / 1764 Aged 64.

Further details and history:
Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust (CPAT) website

Photography: John Ball
Date: 13 July 2008
Camera: Nikon D50 digital SLR

St Cynog's Church, Boughrood
St Cynog's - southwestern aspect
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