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Penuel Chapel, Bwlch, Breconshire

Name: Penuel Chapel
Exterior Photography: John Ball
Date: 16 October 2013
Camera: Canon IXUS 115 HS digital compact

Interior Photography: Sara Care
Date: 24 September 2013
Camera: Olympus E-P1 digital compact

Denomination: Independent

Built: 1817
Re-built: 1844, 1863, 1874
Renovated: 1895
Closed: 2013 (converted to private residence)

Note 1: Penuel Chapel was first built in 1817 and rebuilt in 1844, 1863 and 1874, with further works in 1895. The present chapel dates from 1874 in the Simple Round-Headed style, of the long-wall entry type. [Source: Coflein database; NPRN 6105]

Penuel Chapel, Bwlch

Note 2:
Penuel Chapel closed in 2013 and was sold for conversion into a private residence. Prior to the sale, the Presbyterian Church arranged for the removal of twenty-four gravestones clustered around the left hand front and side of the chapel, and their subsequent relocation elsewhere in the graveyard. Their original site can now only be used as a garden. Many of these gravestones are visible in the photograph below, taken before their removal.
[Source: Personal correspondence with present owners, dated 20 February 2014]

Penuel Chapel, Bwlch

Note 3:
The interior photographs below are available by kind permission of Sara Care.

Penuel Chapel, Bwlch
Above and below: Rows of banked wooden pews facing the front (south) wall of the chapel.
Penuel Chapel, Bwlch

Below: Detail of access gate into pew number 15.
Penuel Chapel, Bwlch

Penuel Chapel, Bwlch

Above and below: Two wall-mounted commemorative plaques inside the chapel.
Sir Joseph Bailey is famed for his centennial edition (between 1909 and
1930) of Theophilus Jones's A History of the County of Brecknock.

Penuel Chapel, Bwlch
Penuel Chapel, Bwlch
Above: Well-stocked bookcase in the chapel.

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