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Ebenezer Chapel, Forden, Montgomeryshire

Name: Ebenezer Chapel

Denomination: Congregational

Founded: 1826 (see notes below)
Photograph 1: Ellie Thomas
Date: 15 March 2008
Camera: Praktica Pentacon DCZ 5.8 digital

Photograph 2: Google StreetView
Date: December 2009

Many new houses have been built around this neat and substantial 'Ebenezer' chapel building, which was founded in 1826. speculates, about the sudden surge of Congregational building in those few months. 'When Forden opened there were five members,' says Secretary Ericson Stafford. 'And some of them went bankrupt to pay for a nonconformist place of worship for the local farming families'. Minister Rev John Roberts rode from 40 miles away on horseback to take services, and there were good attendances afternoon and evening, with a Sunday School in the morning. Now congregations are down to an average of seven. Harvest always brings in more, and there is a local tradition by which chapels visit one another 'I went to seven harvest festivals last year, but more came to our harvest than to any other in the district.' Forden church is financially very sound: money is not a problem. What they long for is some interest from people in the many new houses being built nearby.
[Extracted from the Congregational Federation website]

Ebenezer Chapel, Forden
Ebenezer Chapel, Forden
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