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Zion Chapel, Gladestry, Radnorshire

Name: Zion Chapel

Denomination: Baptist

Built: 1842
Rebuilt/modified: 1891

1: Built in mixed vernacular/simple round-headed style, long-wall entry type. Building is listed Grade 2.
[Extracted from the Coflein database]
2: To rebuild one's chapel was seen as an outward and visible sign of a congregation's vitality. Sometimes, as at Gladestry's Zion, when the chapel came to be rebuilt the congregation was not in a position to undertake a complete restoration. Instead, only the public parts were rebuilt, with new round-headed windows and renewed stonework with a brick-built end wall and porch. But at the back, the old square-headed windows and the original stonework were left untouched; what the eye could not see, pride would not grieve.
[Extract from p. 15 of Marching to Zion - Radnorshire Chapels, by J. B. Sinclair and R. W. D. Fenn, published 1990 by Cadoc Books, Kington; ISBN 0-9516865-0]
3: Zion Baptist Chapel, built 1842. Here the famous South Wales pastor 'Jones the Rock', Rev James Jones (1820-1907) began his ministry.
[Extracted from the leaflet Colva & Gladestry, Powys: A Brief Guide, by Kenneth R. Clew, published 1982]
4: Zion Chapel was 'Sold - Subject to Contract' at the time the photograph was taken (Nov 1997), and in 1999 was the subject of a planning application for conversion to a private residence.

Photography: John Ball
Date: November 1997
Camera: Sigma SA-300 35 mm SLR

Zion Chapel, Gladestry

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