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Presbyterian Church, Llandinam, Montgomeryshire

Name: Llandinam Presbyterian Church

Calvinistic Methodist / Presbyterian

Built: circa 1827
Rebuilt: 1873

Note 1:
The eminent Welsh industrialist, David Davies, a native of Llandinam, was the contractor and prime benefactor of the prominent roadside church of the Presbyterian Church of Wales (the denomination formerly known as the Calvinistic Methodists) built in a French Gothic style in 1873, where he and his family were regular worshippers.
[Adapted from the Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust (CPAT) website]

Note 2:
The Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, now the Presbyterian Church, was built in 1873. A service is held at the chapel every Sunday.
[Source: Llandinam - Meandering Byways & Pathways to the Past, by Jeremy Pryce, published by the author, Llandinam, 2008]

Note 3:
The previous Calvinistic Methodist Chapel was built about 1827 and sited in the gardens of the present Llandinam Primary School. There may have been an even earlier chapel in Llandinam. There is evidence that in 1796, a certificate was granted under the Toleration Act of 1689, registering a 'Llandinam Chapel' to be used for the public worship of Protestant dissenters.
[Source: Llandinam - A Glimpse of the Past, by Jeremy Pryce, published by the author, Llandinam, 2002]
Presbyterian Church, Llandinam

Photography: Ellie Thomas
Date: 9 March 2008
Camera: Praktica Pentacon DCZ 5.8 digital

Presbyterian Church, Llandinam
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