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St Tyssil's Church, Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire

St Tyssil


Built: 1863/64

1. A church of 1863-4 by T. H. Wyatt replaced the single chamber old church of which only the porch and 18th century doorway remain, higher up the hill.
[Adapted from SALTER, Mike (2003) The Old Parish Churches of Mid Wales (2nd Edition), Folly Publications, Malvern, Worcestershire; ISBN 1-871731-62-3]
2. A plan and a 19th century engraving of the church are available on the Church Plans Online website.

Photography: Ellie Thomas
Date: Unknown (possibly 2008)
Camera: Praktica Pentacon DCZ 5.8 digital
St Tyssil's Church, Llandyssil
St Tyssil's Church, Llandyssil
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