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St Govan's Church, Llangovan, Monmouthshire

Denomination: Anglican

Dedication: St Govan

Built: 12th century onwards

1. The narrow nave and chancel both date from circa 1200, having a round chancel arch, two small lancets near the nave east end, and a third in the chancel north wall. Two other chancel windows and possibly the nave south doorway are 14th century, whilst the west doorawy and two windows are 15th century. The porch is old but is much restored. The small stone belfry raised upon a pair of piers inside is not old. The chancel floor is entirely paved with 17th century tombstones.
[Extracted from SALTER, Mike (1991) The Old Parish Churches of Gwent, Glamorgan & Gower, Folly Publications, Malvern, Worcestershire; ISBN 1-871731-08-9]
2. In 1998, when I last visited the church, a notice posted near the entrance warned visitors that the church was the nesting place of rare bats, and that anyone entering would be subject to prosecution for disturbing the bats' habitat. Occasional services were held, but only at times when the bats had vacated their nests; otherwise it remained undisturbed.
[Source: John Ball, photographer].

Photography: John Ball
Date: 9 September 1998
Camera: Agfa ePhoto307 digital

St Govan's, Llangovan
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