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High Street Chapel, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan

High Street Chapel, Merthyr Tydfil

Photography: John Ball
Date: 30 April 1998
Camera: Agfa ePhoto307 digital
Name: High Street Chapel

Denomination: English Baptist

Built: 1807
Rebuilt: 1841

1. Built in 1807, modified, altered or rebuilt 1841, architect T. H. Wyatt of London, and final phase 1900. Built in the Sub-Classical style, short-wall entry type, with central doorway, set back from the front in an integral porch, supported by two full and two half columns. Entrance corridor has three entrances to ground floor chapel level, one central, and two to the side. The second floor gallery stairs are located either side of the central door entrance, back on the entrance wall. There also appears to be cupboard space under the stair wells. The pulpit is positioned at the rear end of the chapel, but set slightly away from the wall, possibly to house organ. There are then three entrances to rear meeting hall, behind and either side of the pulpit. The meeting hall/Sunday school is a single room with two separate external entrances.
[Extracted from Coflein database (NPRN 9878)]
2. Although the English Baptists had started their work early in the 19th century, it was not until 1840 that real advance was made. In that year the old cause at Bethel [Chapel] moved to High Street, but even then it took the Baptists some time to spread their influence. Between 1856 and 1913, they established seven English causes in Merthyr and district. [Extracted from Religion by Rev Noel Gibbard, in Merthyr Tydfil: A Valley Community, Merthyr Tydfil Teachers' Group and D. Brown & Sons Ltd., Cowbridge, 1981; ISBN 0-905928-15-6]
3. High Street Chapel was the second English-speaking Baptist church established in Wales as a mission to immigrants. Over fifty years later it was one of a dozen English-speaking Baptist churches that formed the first English-speaking Baptist Association in Wales.
[Extracted from South Wales Baptist Addresses website]

Below: Early painting of the chapel, reproduced by kind permission of John Eaton.
High Street Chapel, Merthyr Tydfil
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