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Crescent Presbyterian Church, Milford Road / Crescent Road, Newtown, Montgomeryshire

Crescent Church, Newtown

Name: Crescent Presbyterian Church

Denomination: Presbyterian

Built: 1845
Rebuilt: 1879
Repaired: 2009 following storm damage

Note 1: The English Calvinistic Methodist (or Presbyterian) Church in the Crescent is in the Decorated style with a spire to the right of the gable end. It opened in 1879 with a membership of 94 people. There is a schoolroom behind. Its first minister was the Rev Edward Parry who remained pastor until 1919. [Source: Newtown Town Guide]

Note 2: Crescent Presbyterian Chapel was built in 1845 and rebuilt in 1879. The present chapel, dated 1879, was designed by architect Richard Owens of Liverpool and built in the Gothic style with a gable entry plan and integral tower.
[Source: Coflein database (NPRN 11408)]

Note 3: Work was completed in 2009 on the refurbishment and extension of the Crescent Presbyterian Church, Newtown. B3 Conservation has been involved with the project since a part of the roof blew off in a storm in 2002. The church hall and schoolroom were demolished to make way for a service block and an accessible on-site car parking area. A new entrance pavilion has been formed to incorporate a new plant-room and sanitary facilities. The main church building has been refurbished around the Bishop & Sons organ. The fabric had endured the ravages of water ingress when the roof blew off and of a series of dry rot outbreaks over its 130 year existence.The new church provides seating for about 150 in the main chapel with additional meeting space and kitchen/dining facilities. The new accessible facilities will be available for community use in an area of Newtown lacking such facilities on the north side of the Severn. [Source: B3 Conservation conservation consultancy service (PDF document dated 2010)

Above right and below: Photography by John Ball, 18 June 2009, with a Nikon D50 digital SLR
Crescent Church, Newtown

Below: Photograph by Google StreetView, July 2009
Crescent Church, Newtown

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