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Pen-yr-heol Chapel, Tregoyd, near Talgarth, Breconshire

Photography: John Ball
Date: 7 May 2001
Camera: Sigma SA-300 35 mm SLR

Name: Pen-yr-heol Chapel

Denomination: English Baptist

Built: 1783
Rebuilt: early C19

Note 1: Penyrheol Church was built in 1783 and rebuilt during the early 19th century, in the Vernacular and Simple Gothic style of the gable entry type. The building is grade 2 listed as a well preserved upland chapel, in a fine setting and amidst many early 19th century gravestones of interest.
[Source: Coflein Database (NPRN 6172)]

Pen-yr-heol Chapel, Tregoyd
Above: Southwest-facing wall of chapel.

Pen-yr-heol Chapel,Tregoyd
Note 2: The memorial plaque (right) is high up on the southwest wall between its two windows. It bears the following inscription:

The Memoir of
Two Hundred And
Forty Pounds of The
Pious Donation of
Thomas Williams.
of the Island Gent
in the Parish of
Llanigon and County
of Brecon to and
For the Use and Benefit
of this Pen-yr-heol
Church For Ever......
(the remaining inscription has flaked off).
[Source: Transcription by John Ball made during a visit to the chapel on 7 May 2001]

Note 3: Marriage Acts: A Building certified for worship named PENYRHEOL BAPTIST CHURCH, Tregoyd, near Llanigon, Hay on Wye, in the registration district of Hay, in the Non-Metropolitan County of Powys, was on 12 October 2005, registered for solemnising marriages therein pursuant to section 41 of the Marriage Act 1949, as amended by section 1(1) of the Marriage Acts Amendment Act 1958. S Vipond, Superintendent Registrar.
[Source: Index to London Gazette, accessed 16 May 2013]

Below: Pen-yr-heol Chapel viewed from the west.
Pen-yr-heol Chapel, Tregoed

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