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Moriah Chapel, Pengenffordd, Talgarth, Breconshire

Moriah Chapel
Above: Moriah Chapel, viewed from the east.
Name: Moriah Chapel

Denomination: Calvinistic Methodist, now Presbyterian

Moriah Chapel
Built: 1835
Rebuilt: 1860
Closed: ca. 2017 (see update below)

Photography: Source unknown except where indicated

Note 1: Pengenffordd Chapel was built in 1835 and rebuilt in 1860 in the Vernacular style with a long wall entry plan. The outside is grey-rendered with two rectangular sash windows down the sides of the chapel and a doorway to the south on the east side. The southern third of the building, possibly from 1860, has a Sunday School room over a store with a ground-floor door in the south gable. The 1851 Religious Census recorded that ninety seats were free and five paid for. The 1905 Royal Commission survey of Religious Buildings in Wales recorded that there were one hundred seats in the chapel and the building was worth £300. [Source: Coflein database (accessed 12 May 2017)]

Moriah ChapelNote 2: Some chapels, like Moriah, Pengenffordd, had exterior stairs that led to the gallery. [Source: Welsh Chapels, by Anthony Jones, Alan Sutton Publishing Limited, Stroud; 1996]

Moriah Chapel

Update (9 Jan 2024): Andrew Williams has kindly informed me that "Moriah Chapel, Pengenffordd near Talgarth is no longer a functioning chapel. It is now a private property. I'm not sure what that means for visitors or indeed people who have loved ones buried there".
Information on the House Prices in the UK website indicates that the property was sold in September 2017 (for £43,000).
The Google StreetView image below, dated May 2021, shows work in progress on the chapel roof and on the boundary wall between the burial yard and the roadway.

Below: Moriah Chapel in May 2021 [Google StreetView image]
Moriah Chapel

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