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Images of Wales
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Ang – Anglican; Bap – Baptist; BC – Bible Christian; CM – Calvinistic Methodist; Cong – Congregational; Indep – Independent; Pres – Presbyterian; PM – Primitive Methodist; RC – Roman Catholic; SA – Salvation Army; Sprt – Spiritualist; WM – Wesleyan Methodist; Unit – Unitarian; URC – United Reformed Church

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Last updated – 24 November 2019
Location, CountyName or dedication of
    church or chapel
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Abbeycwmhir RADAbbeyRCGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
Aberaeron, CGNHoly TrinityAngGOtop
Spiritualist ChurchSprtGOtop
Aberbechan, MGYAberbechan ChapelCM / PresGOtop
Abercarn, MONLady Llanover's Church
    (aka St Luke)
CM / Pres / AngGOtop
St LukeAngGOtop
Abercrâf (Ynyswen), BRESt DavidAngGOtop
Aberdare, GLAGreen StreetWMGOtop
St ElvanAngGOtop
TrinityCM / PresGOtop
Aberedw, RADSt CewyddAngGOtop
Abergavenny, MONSt Mary's PrioryAngGOtop
Aberhafesp, MGYSt GwynnogAngGOtop
Abersychan, MONNoddfaBapGOtop
Aberystwyth, CGNHoly TrinityAngGOtop
Alltwen, GLAAlltwenIndepGOtop
Alltwen, GLASt JohnAngGOtop
Amroth (Summerhill), PEMSummerhill MethodistPMGOtop
Anglesey, AGYVarious churches
    (external link)
Ardleen, MGYTabernaclePresGOtop
Baglan, GLASt BaglanAngGOtop
St CatharineAngGOtop
Bassaleg, MONBethelBapGOtop
St BasilAngGOtop
Battle, BRESt CynogAngGOtop
Beaufort, BRECarmelIndepGOtop
Bedwellty, MONSt SannanAngGOtop
Berriew, MGYPentre LlifiorWMGOtop
St BeunoAngGOtop
Bethlehem, CMNBethlehemIndepGOtop
Bettws Cedewain, MGYSt BeunoAngGOtop
Betws (nr Ammanford), CMNSt DavidAngGOtop
Betws Ifan (Bettws Evan), CGNSt JohnAngGOtop
Betws Penpont, BREUnknownAngGOtop
Blaenafon, MONSt PeterAngGOtop
Blaina, MONSalemBapGOtop
Bontnewydd, CGNCapel BlaenafonCMGOtop
Bonvilston, GLACarmelIndepGOtop
Boughrood, RADSt CynogAngGOtop
Bow Street, CGNNoddfaIndepGOtop
Brechfa (Llandefalle), BREBethesdaCM / URCGOtop
Brecon, BREBethelCMGOtop
St Nicholas (Christ College)AngGOtop
St David (Llanfaes)AngGOtop
St John's PrioryAngGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
St MichaelRCGOtop
Bridgend (Newcastle), GLASt Illtud / IlltydAngGOtop
Briton Ferry, GLABethesdaIndepGOtop
Broad Haven, PEMHephzibahBapGOtop
Bronllys, BRESt MaryAngGOtop
Bryngwyn, RADSt MichaelAngGOtop
Bryngwyn, MONSt PeterAngGOtop
Brynmawr, BRESt MaryRCGOtop
Builth Wells, BREAlpha PresbyterianPresGOtop
HorebCong / URCGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
Wesleyan MethodistWMGOtop
West Street MemorialBapGOtop
Burry Port, CMNSt MaryAngGOtop
Buttington, MGYAll SaintsAngGOtop
Bwlch, BREPenuelIndepGOtop
Bwlch-y-Sarnau, RADEnglish BaptistBapGOtop
Cadoxton-juxta-Neath, GLASt CatwgAngGOtop
Caegarw (Mountain Ash), GLABethaniaCongGOtop
Cae'r-lan, BREBethlehemIndepGOtop
Caerau (Llandinam), MGYCaerauWMGOtop
Caerphilly, GLASt MartinAngGOtop
Caersws, MGYMethodist ChurchWMGOtop
Presbyterian ChurchPresGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
Caerwent, MONSt Stephen & St TathanAngGOtop
Callwen, BRESt JohnAngGOtop
Cantref, BRESt Cynidr & St MaryAngGOtop
Capel-y-ffin, BRESt Mary the VirginAngGOtop
Cardiff, GLAEbenezerIndep / CongGOtop
St DavidRCGOtop
St John the BaptistAngGOtop
Cardigan, CGNSt MaryAngGOtop
Carew, PEMWesley ChapelWMGOtop
Carmarthen, CMNSt PeterAngGOtop
Carno, MGYPenielCMGOtop
St JohnAngGOtop
Cathedine, BRESt MichaelAngGOtop
Cefn Arthen, CMNCefn ArthenIndepGOtop
Cefnbrynbrain, CMNBereaIndepGOtop
Cefn Coed-y-cymer, BREHen Dy CwrddUnitGOtop
St JohnAngGOtop
Cefn Crib, Llanhilleth, MONCapel yr YnysBap / IndepGOtop
Cefneithin, CMNTabernacleIndep / CongGOtop
Cenarth, CMNSt LlawddogAngGOtop
Ceri (Kerry), MGYKerry BaptistBapGOtop
St MichaelAngGOtop
Churchstoke, MGYSt NicholasAngGOtop
Cilybebyll, GLASt JohnAngGOtop
Cilycwm, CMNCapel-y-groesIndepGOtop
St MichaelAngGOtop
Clydach, BREEbenezerCMGOtop
English WesleyanWMGOtop
Clydach, GLASt JohnAngGOtop
Clyro, RADSt MichaelAngGOtop
Cowbridge, GLAHoly CrossAngGOtop
Crai, BRESt IlidAngGOtop
Crickadarn, BREHebronIndepGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
Crickhowell, BREBethabaraBapGOtop
DanycastellPres / CMGOtop
English WesleyanWMGOtop
St EdmundAngGOtop
Crunwere, PEMSt ElidyrAngGOtop
Cwmafan, GLABethaniaIndepGOtop
St MichaelAngGOtop
Cwmbach, Glasbury, RADAll SaintsAngGOtop
Methodist ChurchWMGOtop
Cwmbach, Llanwinio, CMNCapel-y-GraigCMGOtop
Cwmcarvan, MONSt ClementAngGOtop
Cwmgiedd, BREYorathCMGOtop
Cwmgwili, CMNGibeaCMGOtop
Cwmllynfell, GLACwmllynfell (Seion)IndepGOtop
Cwmnantyrodyn, MONNew BethelURCGOtop
Cwmtwrch Isaf, BREBethaniaCMGOtop
Cwmtwrch Uchaf, BREEbenezerIndepGOtop
Cwmwysg, BRESaronIndepGOtop
Cwmyoy, MONSt MartinAngGOtop
Cymmer, GLAHebronIndepGOtop
Dale, PEMSt JamesAngGOtop
Defynnog, BRESt CynogAngGOtop
Dingestow, MONSt Dingat and St MaryAngGOtop
Dolau, RADDolauBapGOtop
Dolygaer, BREDolygaerAngGOtop
Dowlais, GLABethaniaIndepGOtop
Dyffryn Clydach, GLASt MatthewAngGOtop
Ebbw Vale, MONLibanusCongGOtop
Providence (Newtown)BapGOtop
Eglwysilan, GLASt IlanAngGOtop
Eglwyswrw, PEMSt CristiolusAngGOtop
Felindre Farchog, PEMCapel CanaIndepGOtop
Felinfach, Talachddu, BREMaesyberllan TabernacleBapGOtop
Felinfoel, Llanelli, CMNHoly TrinityAngGOtop
Fleur-de-lis, MONSt DavidAngGOtop
Forden, MGYEbenezerCongGOtop
St MichaelAngGOtop
Gelligaer, GLASt CatwgAngGOtop
Gilwern, BRELion TerracePMGOtop
Gladestry, RADSt MaryAngGOtop
Glais (Ynysymond), GLASeion (Zion)IndepGOtop
Glasbury, BRE / RADAll SaintsAngGOtop
Methodist ChurchWMGOtop
St PeterAngGOtop
Treble HillBapGOtop
Glascoed, MONMount ZionBapGOtop
St MichaelAngGOtop
Glynarthen (Penbryn), CGNGlynarthenIndep / CongGOtop
Godre'r graig, GLAGodre'r graigIndepGOtop
Gresford, DENAll SaintsAngGOtop
Gresford MethodistWMGOtop
Grosmont, MONGreig / Zion / SalemPMGOtop
Grovesend, Swansea, GLAMount PleasantCongGOtop
Gwenddwr, BREBryn ZionCongGOtop
St DubriciusAngGOtop
Hay-on-Wye, BRESt JosephRCGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
Salem ChapelBapGOtop
Trinity ChapelMethGOtop
Hendy, CMNCalfariaBapGOtop
Capel NewyddIndepGOtop
Henry's Moat, PEMSt BrynachAngGOtop
Heol Senni, BREBrychgoedIndepGOtop
Heolgerrig, GLACalfariaBapGOtop
Hopkinstown, GLASt DavidAngGOtop
Hyssington, MGYSt EtheldredaAngGOtop
Ilston, GLASt IlltydAngGOtop
Kenfig Hill, GLASt TheodoreAngGOtop
Kerry (Ceri), MGYKerry BaptistBapGOtop
St MichaelAngGOtop
Kidwelly, CMNSt MaryAngGOtop
Kilgwrrwg, MONHoly CrossAngGOtop
Kinnerton, RADSt MaryAngGOtop
Knighton, RADSt EdwardAngGOtop
Laugharne, CMNSt MartinAngGOtop
Libanus, BRELibanusURCGOtop
Little Newcastle, PEMBeulahBapGOtop
Llan (Llanbrynmair), MGYSt MaryAngGOtop
Llanafan, CGNSt AfanAngGOtop
Llanafan Fawr, BRESt AfanAngGOtop
Llanafan Fechan (Llanfechan), BRESt AfanAngGOtop
Llananno, RADSt AnnoAngGOtop
Llanarthne, CMNSt DavidAngGOtop
Llanbadarnfawr, CGNSt PadarnAngGOtop
Llanbadarnfawr, RADSt PadarnAngGOtop
Llanbister, RADSt CynlloAngGOtop
Llanbrynmair (Llan), MGYSt MaryAngGOtop
Llandanwg, MERSt TanwgAngGOtop
Llanddarog, CMNSt TwrogAngGOtop
Llanddeiniol, CGNSt DeiniolAngGOtop
Llanddew, BRESt DavidAngGOtop
Llanddewi-fach, RADSt DavidAngGOtop
Llanddewi'r Cwm, BRESt DavidAngGOtop
Llanddewi Rhydderch, MONSt TegfeddAngGOtop
Llanddwywe (Talybont), MERSt DwyweAngGOtop
Llandecwyn, MERSt TegwynAngGOtop
Llandefalle/Llandyfalle, BREBethesda (Brechfa)CM / URCGOtop
St MatthewAngGOtop
Llandegfedd/Llandegveth, MONSt TegfeddAngGOtop
Llandeilo'r fan, BRESt TeiloAngGOtop
Llandinam, MGYLlandinam PresbyterianCM / PresGOtop
St LlonioAngGOtop
Llandovery, CMNSt DingatAngGOtop
Williams Pantycelyn
Memorial Church
Llandrindod Wells, RADHoly TrinityAngGOtop
Llandyfaelog Fach, BRESt MaelogAngGOtop
Llandyfriog, CGNSt TyfriogAngGOtop
Llandyssil, MGYSt TyssilAngGOtop
Llanelieu, BRESt EllywAngGOtop
Llanelli, CMNAll SaintsAngGOtop
Capel AlsIndepGOtop
English PresbyterianPresGOtop
Hall StreetWM / URCGOtop
Holy Trinity (Felinfoel)AngGOtop
Park ChurchCong / URCGOtop
St ElliAngGOtop
Llanelly, BREBethlehemBapGOtop
English WesleyanWMGOtop
St ElliAngGOtop
Llanfaes (Brecon), BREChrist College ChapelAngGOtop
Llanfaes (Brecon), BRESt DavidAngGOtop
Llanfair-ar-y-bryn, CMNSt MaryAngGOtop
Llanfair-ar-y-bryn, CMN
Llanfair Caereinion, MGYSt MaryAngGOtop
Llanfair Kilgeddin, MONSt MaryAngGOtop
    (Llanafan Fechan), BRE
St AfanAngGOtop
Llanfeugan, BRESt MeuganAngGOtop
Llanfihangel Cwmdu, BREPenuel (Cwm Rhos)Indep / CongGOtop
St MichaelAngGOtop
Llanfihangel Gobion
    (Llanfihangel-nigh-Usk), MON
St MichaelAngGOtop
Llanfihangel Llantarnam, MONSt MichaelAngGOtop
    (Llanfihangel Gobion), MON
St MichaelAngGOtop
Llanfihangel Rhydithon, RADSt MichaelAngGOtop
Llanfihangel Talyllyn, BRESt MichaelAngGOtop
Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn, CGNSt MichaelAngGOtop
Llanfilo, BRESt BiloAngGOtop
Llanfrechfa, MONAll SaintsAngGOtop
Llanfrynach, BREMizpahBapGOtop
St BrynachAngGOtop
Llanfyllin, MGYSt MyllinAngGOtop
Llanfynydd, CMNSt EgwadAngGOtop
Llangammarch Wells, BRESt CadmarchAngGOtop
Llangar, MERAll SaintsAngGOtop
Llangattock, BRESt CatwgAngGOtop
Llangattock Vibon Avel, MONSt CadocAngGOtop
Llangiwg, GLAGwrhydIndepGOtop
St CiwgAngGOtop
Llangors, BREPenuelBapGOtop
St PaulinusAngGOtop
Llangovan, MONSt GovanAngGOtop
Llangurig, MGYSt CurigAngGOtop
Llangyfelach, GLABaranIndepGOtop
St David & St CyfelachAngGOtop
Llangyndeyrn (Pontyates), CMNNazarethIndepGOtop
Llangynidr, BRESt Cynidr & St MaryAngGOtop
Llangynin, CMNBrynBapGOtop
St CyninAngGOtop
Llangynwyd, GLASt CynwydAngGOtop
Llanhamlach, BRESt Peter & St IlltydAngGOtop
Llanhennock, MONSt JohnAngGOtop
Llanhilleth, MONSt IlltydAngGOtop
Capel yr Ynys (Cefn Crib)Bap / IndepGOtop
Llanidloes, MGYSt IdloesAngGOtop
Llanigon, BRESt EigonAngGOtop
Llanllugan, MGYSt MaryAngGOtop
Llanllwchaiarn, MGYSt LlwchaiarnAngGOtop
All Saints (Newtown)AngGOtop
Llannon, CMNSt NonAngGOtop
Llanon (Llansantffraid), CGNSilohIndepGOtop
Llanover, MONSt BartholomewAngGOtop
Llanreithan, PEMSt ReithanAngGOtop
Llanrhystud, CGNSt RhystudAngGOtop
Llansamlet, GLASt SamledAngGOtop
Llansantffraid, CGNSt BrideAngGOtop
Llansantffraid (Llanon), CGNSilohIndepGOtop
Llansantffraed juxta Usk, BRESt BrideAngGOtop
Llanspyddid, BRESt CadogAngGOtop
Llantarnam, MONSt MichaelAngGOtop
Llanthony, MONLlanthony PrioryRCGOtop
St DavidAngGOtop
Llantwit Fardre, GLASt Illtud (Illtyd)AngGOtop
Llanvihangel Gobion
    (Llanfihangel-nigh-Usk), MON
St MichaelAngGOtop
Llanwenarth Citra, MONSt PeterAngGOtop
Llanwinio, CMNSt GwynnoAngGOtop
Llanwnnog, MGYSt GwynnogAngGOtop
Llanwyddelan, MGYSt GwyddelanAngGOtop
Llanwynno (Llanwonno), GLASt GwynnoAngGOtop
Llanywern (Llan-y-wern), BRESt Mary the VirginAngGOtop
Llawryglyn, MGYEbenezerCMGOtop
Llowes, RADSt MeiligAngGOtop
Llysworney, GLASt TydfilAngGOtop
Llywel, BRESt DavidAngGOtop
Login, CMNCalfariaBapGOtop
Ludchurch, PEMSt ElidyrAngGOtop
Machen, MONSt John the BaptistAngGOtop
St MichaelAngGOtop
Maenclochog, PEMSt MaryAngGOtop
Maesycwmer, MONTaborCong / URCGOtop
Maesyronnen (Glasbury), RADMaesyronnenIndep / CongGOtop
Manafon, MGYSt MichaelAngGOtop
Manordeifi, PEMSt DavidAngGOtop
Merthyr Tydfil, GLACitadelSAGOtop
High StreetBapGOtop
Hope MissionCM / PresGOtop
St DavidAngGOtop
St TydfilAngGOtop
Michaelston-y-fedw, GLA/MONSt MichaelAngGOtop
Montgomery, MGYSt NicholasAngGOtop
Morriston (Swansea), GLAAenonBapGOtop
St JohnAngGOtop
Mountain Ash (Caegarw), GLABethaniaCongGOtop
Mwnt, CGNHoly CrossAngGOtop
Myddfai, CMNBethaniaCMGOtop
St MichaelAngGOtop
Nantcwnlle, CGNSt Gwynlleu / St CynlloAngGOtop
Nantgwyn, St Harmon, RADNantgwynBapGOtop
Neath, GLAOrchard Place ChapelBapGOtop
St DavidAngGOtop
St ThomasAngGOtop
Soar-MaesyrhafIndep / CongGOtop
Neath Abbey, GLAAbbeyRCGOtop
Nevern, PEMSt BrynachAngGOtop
New Moat, PEMSt NicholasAngGOtop
New Radnor, RADSt MaryAngGOtop
Newcastle, Bridgend, GLASt Illtud / IlltydAngGOtop
Newcastle Emlyn, CMNBethelCMGOtop
Our Lady of PeaceRCGOtop
Y GraigBapGOtop
Newchapel, MGYCapel NewyddBapGOtop
Newport (MON)BethelWMGOtop
Havelock StreetPres / CMGOtop
National Spiritualist ChurchSprtGOtop
St MaryRCGOtop
Stow HillBapGOtop
Newport (PEM)St MaryAngGOtop
Newtown, MGYAll Saints (Llanllwchaiarn)AngGOtop
Capel Coffa (Gofa)IndepGOtop
God the Holy GhostRCGOtop
Newtown URCCong / URCGOtop
St DavidAngGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
Severn Place MethodistWMGOtop
Old Radnor, RADSt StephenAngGOtop
Oystermouth (Swansea), GLAAll SaintsAngGOtop
Pant-teg, GLAPanttegIndepGOtop
Penallt, MONUnknownAngGOtop
Penbryn (Glynarthen), CGNGlynarthenIndep / CongGOtop
Penbryn (Penmorfa), MONPenmorfaCMGOtop
Pencarreg, CMNSt PatrickAngGOtop
Penderyn, BRESiloamBapGOtop
St CynogAngGOtop
Penegoes, MGYSt CadfarchAngGOtop
Pengam, MONBont ChapelBapGOtop
Ebenezer ChapelBapGOtop
Nazareth ChapelCM / PresGOtop
Pengenffordd, Talgarth, BREMoriahCM / PresGOtop
Penmaen, Oakdale, MONPenamen/PenmainCong / IndepGOtop
Pennant Melangell, MGYSt MelangellAngGOtop
Pennorth, BRETabernacleIndep/Cong/URCGOtop
Penpont, BREUnknownAngGOtop
Penrhos, MONSt CadocAngGOtop
Pentre-Ty-Gwyn, CMN
   (near Llandovery)
Penycae, BRENantyffinBapGOtop
Pilleth, RADSt MaryAngGOtop
Pontardawe, GLAHorebWMGOtop
St PeterAngGOtop
Ponthir, MONZion/SeionBapGOtop
Pontrhydfendigaid, CGNSt DavidAngGOtop
Pontrhydyrun, Cwmbrân, MONPontrhydyrun ChapelBapGOtop
Pontyates (Llangyndeyrn), CMNNazarethIndepGOtop
Port Talbot, GLATairbach WesleyWMGOtop
Princes Gate
    Lampeter Velfrey, PEM
St CatherineAngGOtop
Raglan, MONSt CadocAngGOtop
Rhosili, GLASt MaryAngGOtop
Rhulen, RADSt DavidAngGOtop
Rhydybriw (Sennybridge), BRERhydybriw ChapelAngGOtop
Rhydyfro, GLASaronIndepGOtop
Rockfield, MONSt CenedlonAngGOtop
Rogerstone, MONSt JohnAngGOtop
Rosemarket, PEMSt IsmaelAngGOtop
TabernacleCong / URCGOtop
Saundersfoot, PEMSt IssellAngGOtop
Saron, CMNSaron Chapel (old & new)BapGOtop
Sennybridge (Rhydybriw), BRERhydybriw ChapelAngGOtop
Skewen, GLABethaniaIndep / CongGOtop
Bible ChristianBCGOtop
English WesleyanWMGOtop
St JohnAngGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
St Bride's, PEMSt BridgetAngGOtop
St David's, PEMSeionBapGOtop
St David (Cathedral)AngGOtop
St Non (Chapel & Well)RCGOtop
St Harmon, RADSt GarmonAngGOtop
St Maughans, MONSt Meugan / MaughanAngGOtop
Steynton, PEMSt Peter & St CewyddAngGOtop
Strata Florida, CGNAbbeyRCGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
Summerhill, Amroth, PEMSummerhill MethodistPMGOtop
Swansea, GLA
        (see also Morriston)
Adulam (Bonymaen)BapGOtop
All Saints (Oystermouth)AngGOtop
Caersalem (Treboeth)BapGOtop
Christ ChurchAngGOtop
Gendros (Swansea)CongGOtop
Mount Pleasant (Kingsway)BapGOtop
Mount Pleasant (Grovesend)CongGOtop
Norwegian MissionMissionGOtop
Salem / Cwm (Bonymaen)CMGOtop
St James (Uplands)AngGOtop
St John (Hafod)AngGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
St Paul (Sketty)AngGOtop
St Peter (Cockett)AngGOtop
York PlaceBapGOtop
Talachddu, BRESt MaryAngGOtop
Talgarth, BREBethaniaIndep / URCGOtop
St GwendolineAngGOtop
Talybont (Llanddwywe), MERSt DwyweAngGOtop
Tan-y-groes, CGNTan-y-groes ChapelCMGOtop
Tenby, PEMSt MaryAngGOtop
Towyn (Tywyn), MERSt CadfanAngGOtop
Trallwng (Trallong), BRESalemCMGOtop
St DavidAngGOtop
Treboeth, Swansea, GLACaersalemBapGOtop
Trecastle, BRETy NewyddPresGOtop
Tredegar, MONBethaniaCongGOtop
Castle StreetCongGOtop
Immaculate ConceptionRCGOtop
English Wesleyan (Vale Tce)WMGOtop
Harcourt TerraceWMGOtop
James StreetPMGOtop
Oakfield RoadIndep / CongGOtop
St GeorgeAngGOtop
St JamesAngGOtop
Vale TerracePres / WMGOtop
Tredunnock, MONSt AndrewAngGOtop
Trefeglwys, MGYSt MichaelAngGOtop
Tregare, MONSt MaryAngGOtop
Tregaron, CGNSt CaronAngGOtop
Tregoyd, BREPen-yr-heolBapGOtop
Tregynon, MGYSt CynonAngGOtop
Trellech, MONSt NicholasAngGOtop
Trellech Grange, MONunknown dedicationAngGOtop
Tretower, BRESt JohnAngGOtop
ZoarIndep / CongGOtop
Trevethin, MONSt CadocAngGOtop
Troedyrhiw, GLANazarethCMGOtop
St JohnAngGOtop
Trostre(y), MONSt DavidAngGOtop
Tywyn (Towyn), MERSt CadfanAngGOtop
Upper Chapel, BREBethaniaCong / URCGOtop
Upper Chapel ChurchAngGOtop
Usk, MONSS Frances Xavier & David LewisRCGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
Twyn Square ChapelCongGOtop
Usk Baptist ChapelBapGOtop
Wesleyan ChapelWMGOtop
Vaynor, BRESt Gwynno (new church)AngGOtop
St Gwynno (old church)AngGOtop
Welshpool, MGYEnglish Methodist ChurchWMGOtop
St MaryAngGOtop
Wyesham, MONSt JamesAngGOtop
Wrexham, DENSeionPres / CMGOtop
Ynyswen, Abercrâf, BRESt DavidAngGOtop
Ystalyfera, GLAGurnosIndepGOtop
Zion / SionBapGOtop
Ystradgynlais, BREEnglish CongregationalCongGOtop
St CynogAngGOtop
Ystradyfodwg, GLABethesdaIndepGOtop
St JohnAngGOtop