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Hermon Chapel, Winifred Road, Skewen, Glamorgan

Photography: John Ball
Date: 1 October 2009
Camera: Nikon D50 digital SLR

Hermon Chapel, Skewen
Name: Hermon Chapel

Denomination: Calvinistic Methodist

Built: 1897

Hermon Chapel, Skewen

Note 1:
Hermon Methodist Chapel was built in 1897 in the Sub-Classical style of the gable-entry type.
[Source: Coflein online database (NPRN 9480)]

Note 2:
A couple from India are to reopen a disused chapel in Skewen as a thank you to the Welsh Missionaries who brought Christianity to their homeland more than a century ago. Keishing James and his wife Lal have spent tens of thousands of pounds renovating the Hermon Chapel. Over one hundred years ago, Welsh missionaries arrived in the Mizoram region of India, where they preached Christianity. The legacy of those men lives on in North East India, where pictures of missionaries like Watkin Robert still hang inside peoples' homes. Today's generation want to return the favour by attempting to revive religious feeling in Wales. [Source: ITV News report dated 12 September 2013]

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